3 Easy-Mix Whey Isolate Powders for Food and Shakes

The best whey protein supplement to build muscle is a delicious way to refuel the body. However, if it clumps and does not mix well, the chalky drink will be less palatable.

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Many bodybuilders want a convenient fluid snack right after their workout. A whey powder that doesn’t need a blender to mix well is a topnotch product.

Here, we reviewed three of the best whey isolates that will give a smooth consistency after every mix:

3 Easy-Mix Whey Isolates

Opportuniteas Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate

best whey protein supplement to build muscleThe grass-fed whey isolate underwent cold processing to produce the highest protein quality. Also, there is no sugar, added preservative, sweeteners, and artificial flavor in this powder. Still, it has a palatable taste that its takers will like.

This whey isolate is very easy to mix in just about any food or drink. Since this is gluten and GMO-free, you can have peace of mind that this is a clean formula.

Each serving of the Opportunitieas Grass Fed Whey has 27 grams of protein. Basically, it only has two ingredients: 99% whey isolate and 1% non-GMO sunflower lecithin. The lecithin allows easy mixing without ruining the taste and formula.

Calorie-wise, this whey isolate has 114 calories for every scoop. This is a decent amount considering that the powder has a nice texture and flavor. Each pouch comes with 15 premium servings that you can add on your shakes or savory meals. For the best results, mix two scoops for every serving.

This best protein supplement for muscle gain is ideal for people looking for a recovery regimen after their workout. Since Opportuniteas has a complete amino acid profile, your muscles will receive the fuel it needs.


✔️Zero artificial ingredients

✔️unflavored protein powder

✔️Gluten-free, non-GMO

✔️Complete amino acid profile



❌The taste is a bit too sweet



Isopure Zero Carb Whey Isolate

best whey protein supplement to build muscleIsopure is one of the most popular brands in the bodybuilding supplement industry. Their Zero Carb Whey Isolate is another gem that you should try.

You can mix this unflavored powder to your food and drinks for a convenient high-protein snack. It easily blends on hot and cold food with just a spoon. Also, this contains pure whey isolate with 25 grams of protein in every serving.

Moreover, this Isopure isolate is free of carbs, fat, and sugar for a clean formula. Also, each serving only has 100 calories, perfect for people who have calorie-restricted diets.

You can also ingest the Isopure isolate at any time of the day. But for best results, you can use it as a post-workout regimen.

This isolate consists of two ingredients only: pure whey isolate and soy lecithin. The only gripe we have here is that soy is a notorious allergen. Still, the consolation here is that the formula is lactose-free and it’s ideal for weight management.

If you want a good-tasting version of the Isopure whey isolate, you can choose either the strawberry or vanilla versions.

Another benefit of this Isopure isolate is its affordable price. This best whey protein supplement to build muscle is a big saver despite its premium quality.



✔️Glucose and lactose-free

✔️Low-calorie isolate

✔️Mixes well using a spoon



❌Contains soy lecithin which may trigger allergies to some


Six Star Whey Isolate

best whey protein supplement to build muscleLooking for an ultimate protein source? The Six Star Whey Isolate is a powerhouse option as each two-scoop serving provides a whopping 60 grams of instantized and micro-filtered whey isolate.

This is also packed with glutamine and 13.6 grams of the much-needed BCAAs that all help in the fast recovery of the muscles. With this ultra-pure and clean formula, expect to enjoy zero trans fat, only 1 mg of cholesterol, and just 2 mg of sugar.

True enough, the Six Star whey isolate is a total winner. In fact, a group of chefs and experts called the American Masters of Taste awarded Six Star with the Gold Medal for Superior Taste. This is added peace of mind for all its buyers.

The Six Star isolate is engineered for athletes and serious bodybuilders. Considering the high protein levels, you should ensure that it fits your needs.

Aside from the impressive nutritional profile, the Six Star isolate also comes in decadent flavors of chocolate and vanilla. Just take note that each serving comes with 150 calories.

You can easily mix this best whey protein supplement to build muscle in a glass or shaker cup with no blender required. And if you think that the protein content is too high for your needs, you can tone it down by reducing the scoops.


✔️Perfect for athletes

✔️Contains glutamine and BCAAs

✔️Mixes with water and milk easily

✔️Fast-digesting speed



❌Contains soy lecithin that may trigger allergies




Product Name: Six Star Whey Isolate

Product Description: This is packed with glutamine and 13.6 grams of the much-needed BCAAs that all help in the fast recovery of the muscles. With this ultra-pure and clean formula, expect to enjoy zero trans fat, only 1 mg of cholesterol, and just 2 mg of sugar. Also, a group of chefs and experts called the American Masters of Taste awarded Six Star with the Gold Medal for Superior Taste.

Price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Formula Quality
  • Palatability
  • Protein Quality
  • Mixability


With its impressive 60-gram protein level and BCAA content, there’s no doubt that the Six Star Whey Isolate is a powerful choice for bodybuilders. Its easy-mix formula is a big bonus.


-Perfect for athletes

-Contains glutamine and BCAAs

-Mixes with water and milk easily

-Fast-digesting speed


-Contains soy lecithin that may trigger allergies

Why does my whey isolate powder clump?

For those of you who are wondering why isolates clump during mixing, there’s a specific explanation for it.

So what happens is that you mixed your whey powder with water only to find a chalky ball at the bottom of the shaker. This is every bodybuilder’s pet peeve.

Low-quality whey isolates always clump.

Whey isolates aren’t made equal. But if you have a tub of isolate that clumps every single time, you have to check its quality. It might be reeking with fillers which cause the chalky clumps.

But why is this happening? Let’s take a look at how manufacturers produce whey isolates.

Basically, whey isolate comes from the process of making cheese. The cheese curds will then be filtered to extract the whey protein. This is what we know as whey concentrate. But to produce the whey isolate, the concentrate has to undergo micro-filtration and other processes to strip fat, glucose, carbs, and lactose.

So what is the culprit for the clumping? Lactose.

Most concentrates have higher lactose content which is why it’s notorious for the chalky consistency when mixed using a shaker. Most of the time, users will achieve better mixing using a blender.

So if your whey isolate keeps on clumping, it just means that there’s more lactose left in it. Still, isolates should have at least 90% protein and the other 10% will be the flavor and other fillers to improve texture and mixing.

The best isolate should take not more than a few shakes to mix well. If it does clump, you should check the ingredients list. Some isolates are mixed with concentrates which causes the clumping. The key here is to opt for pure and clean formulas.

How to prevent your whey isolate from clumping

Fortunately, there are some tricks to improve the mixing of your whey isolate. By following these steps, you can avoid clumping and the hassle of blending your shakes or drinks.

1. Always start with a liquid base

The big mistake of most isolate takers is they pour water to the powder and not the other way around. As much as adding the powder to a liquid base won’t guarantee 100% smooth mixing, it will reduce the chalky clumps.

2. Use the right container

Sure, it’s great to find a whey isolate that can mix well with a spoon and a glass of water. But for guaranteed convenience, you should invest in a shaker bottle. This isn’t a very expensive tumbler and you can actually get a decent one for just $10 to $15.

The trick here is to add half of the water (or any liquid) then mixing it with the isolate. Once the isolate is diluted, add the other half of the water then shake it again. Opt for the best whey protein supplement to build muscle for fewer clumps.

3. Add ice or use a shaker ball

One trick to break down the clumps is to add ice (if you want a cold drink) or a shaker ball inside the bottle. This will help crush the clumps better instead of manually shaking with just the powder and the fluid.

It will smooth out the clumps faster and you no longer have to do it manually with a spoon.

4. Store your isolate properly

Extreme heat and moisture can impact the consistency of your protein powder. Humidity will cause the powder to clump inside the tub or pouch. If your location is quite humid, it will help to place a silica packet inside at the bottom of the protein container.

Since protein powders are prone to clumping, it’s just normal to see a few clumps when opening the tub. It doesn’t mean you need to throw it away. Just shake the tub or crush the clumps before mixing it with fluids.

5. Use hot liquids

If you don’t mind sipping a hot drink, you can spare yourself from the clumping by using hot water and milk. Even clumped powder will dissolve instantly on the hot fluid. A few shakes will give you a silky smooth consistency. The best protein supplement for muscle gain will give a better texture.

6. Mix a little more

Some isolates take more time to break down, especially if you’re mixing it with cold fluids. Shaking your isolates for 45 seconds should be enough to break down the clumps and achieve a good consistency.

This won’t remove all the clumps but it will certainly do more progress than using a spoon.

7. Check the powder-to-fluid ratio

Many people take a high-protein regimen which is why they add more scoop per serving. However, this can also lead to clumping.

The more you add the powder to fluids, the harder it gets to break it down. You can simply add more liquid into it or purchase an isolate with higher protein content per scoop.

4 Ways of Mixing Your Powders and how it Works

1. Glass and spoon

This way of mixing whey isolates is the most convenient among users. It’s available in every kitchen, but the question is this: does it work well?

Generally, if your whey isolate has good mixability, a glass and a spoon may yield good results. But most of the time, this can’t handle clumps.

For whey isolates that are prone to clumping, they are better off with shakers or blenders. Not unless you’re using hot fluids, glass and spoon rarely work.

2. Shaker bottle + plastic mixer

Most bodybuilders will use shaker bottles to dilute the isolate into the fluid. A shaker bottle with a plastic mixer works, but it won’t fix most of the clumps.

Still, you will achieve better consistency with this shaker than using a glass and a spoon alone. You just need a little more patience to have a silky-smooth blend.

3. Shaker bottle + metal mixer

If you don’t like using a blender, your best bet is a shaker bottle equipped with a metal mixer. This will cost a little more but worth it since it spares you from the pesky clumps.

The metal mixer acts like a whisk which can crush most clumps. It’s effective and reliable, but low-quality isolates may still leave some tiny, chalky bits.

4. Blender

If you really want to get rid of the pesky clumps, use a blender for your shakes. This is an unbeatable choice and even the clumpiest isolate will yield to its mixing power.

The only downside to using a blender is it’s not convenient and portable. Also, you have to extra cleaning after every serving.

Overall, I prefer a shaker with a metal mixer. It’s convenient and does decent mixing.

Final word

Easy-mix whey isolates are great choices for on-the-go people. As much as these can mix without effort, it’s still susceptible to clumping if not stored properly.

Aside from easy mixing, don’t forget to check the ingredients of the isolate. Some manufacturers add soy lecithin to the product to improve its mixability. Usually, this is just a small amount, but for people allergic to soy, this is a no-go. Some manufacturers will opt for sunflower lecithin instead.

Also, check how much lactose is left on your isolate. There are isolates with a lactose-free formula which have better mixability and texture.

In the end, the best whey protein supplement to build muscle is one that mixes easily and packed with the needed amino acids.

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