3 Best Flavored Whey Protein Isolates for the Finicky Taste Buds

Protein isolates can help you pack up muscles and mass. But aside from being your go-to nutrition, it’s also a great way to enjoy your favorite flavors. The likes of vanilla plant based protein powder among other flavors are decadent. It will make you forget that you’re actually taking protein powders.

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A lot of people pick their choice of isolate based on the taste. Besides, who would want an awful tasting shake? Working out is already a task. With that, having a delicious pre and post-workout regimen is a bonus.

Why many people opt for whey isolates

A lot of bodybuilders and those want to gain mass choose whey isolates due to its quality. Since it’s an isolate and not just a concentrate, the whey protein content is much higher.

Also, takers of whey isolate like the fact that it’s a cleaner formula. Due to the extra processes that it had undergone, the impurities, excess fat, and excess carbs are stripped off. This leaves the user with premium protein sans the fillers.

Whey isolates are easier to absorb than other protein sources. With this, the muscles will receive the amino acids right on time during recovery.

vanilla plant based protein powder

Why taste matters

Taste is just a matter of preference. Bodybuilders want a tasty choice instead of the usual unflavored isolates that’s a challenge to ingest.

Also, flavored isolates can be used on a variety of dessert recipes. All of these can be done without additional table sugar.

Flavored isolates are also ideal for those who want a convenient protein source. Instead of cooking or preparing their shakes with extra steps, tasty isolates can be diluted in water and it’s ready to go.

For reluctant protein takers, the taste is a motivation to keep getting their dose of amino acids each day.

Flavored vs. unflavored

Both flavored and unflavored whey isolates have its advantages. The two are great options in different situations.

Like what I said earlier, flavored protein powders can be mixed with water and it’s ready as a liquid snack. It’s up to you to blend other ingredients.

Meanwhile, the biggest advantage of unflavored isolates is its versatility. Unlike flavored types, you’re not locked in one taste alone. It gives you the freedom to experiment with other ingredients.

Also, unflavored whey isolates can be used to cook meals like thick soup and sauces. It makes the dish achieve good consistency while tricking your taste buds into ingesting more protein.

Lastly, unflavored whey isolates are great for those looking for clean formulas. It’s not to say that flavored ones are ‘unclean’. It’s just that bodybuilders can skip added calories by ditching the ‘savory’ options. Some even choose vegan vanilla protein powder.

Pitfalls of flavored isolates

Flavored whey isolate is great only if you choose the right product. Many manufacturers nowadays use various flavoring, sweetening, and coloring techniques to make their powders more appealing.

This is where most of the problems come from.

Some shady manufacturers will use aspartame and other artificial sweeteners to brand their product as ‘sugar-free’. As much as this is true, the alternative sweetener is much worse.

Aspartame can cause headaches to some people and the fact that it’s artificial doesn’t paint a good image.

The same goes for products with artificial coloring and flavoring. With the aim to attract more buyers, manufacturers will offer more unique flavors. However, some of these may reek of artificial substances.

You can dodge all these if you read the fine print. Check the label and ingredients. Googling a few medical jargons will save you from all the trouble.

Common whey isolate flavors

Nowadays, the like of chocolate and vanilla plant based protein powder are the most common flavors. You can also find the likes of caramel, peanut butter, and milkshake. Here are other sumptuous flavors that you can enjoy:



-Cookies and cream

-Fudge Brownie


-Natural banana

-Choco mint

-and more!

You can always choose one that suits your taste. Still, never trade the protein level and quality for good taste. You can always find ways to make your protein powder palatable without missing the good parts.

Where to use flavored whey isolates

Surprisingly, there are a lot of uses to whey isolates than merely mixing it with water and drinking it. Here are some ideas so you can enjoy your protein intake even more:

vanilla plant based protein powder

>Use it on your shakes

Aside from diluting the powder to water, you can also add it to your smoothies. It will add a rich and creamy texture to your fluid snack. Also, smoothies can be mixed with other healthy veggies and fruits that complement the flavor of your whey isolate.

>Bake with it

Are you a self-proclaimed pastry chef? You can add more nutritional value to your cookies and pancakes by adding your flavored whey isolate to it. Aside from adding good taste to your snacks, it will also let you ingest protein in different ways.  If you want, you can look for vanilla plant based protein powder.

>Add it on your oatmeal

Do you love a hearty bowl of oatmeal in the morning? You can now use it as a pre or post workout meal that’s packed with protein and rich flavor. With that, you can skip the sugar and other sweeteners. Pair with some fresh slices of fruits and berries and you’ll have loads of nutrients in one bowl.

 >Sprinkle it on crispy treats

Another good snack is crispy treats. You can add a small amount of your protein powder in these tiny bites for added amino acids.

>Flavored mashed potato

If you like sweet mashed potato, you can mix it with your favorite whey isolate. It’s filling and the pair of carbs and protein are ideal for skinny guys. You can look for vegan vanilla protein powder if you want an organic meal.

What to look for flavored whey isolates

Before you purchase the most delicious whey isolate, make sure that you’re getting more than a delicious flavor. You should also factor in some important aspects like the following:

>Organic sweeteners and flavoring

Always opt for a formula with organic flavoring and sweeteners. Like what I mentioned earlier, this is the common problem with some flavored isolates.

Why is it necessary to avoid artificial substances? First of all, it won’t do any good inside your body – might as well not ingest it in the first place.

You can choose one that’s sweetened with organic stevia and flavored with natural chocolate and vanilla plant based protein powder

>Zero artificial coloring

Like the above-mentioned points, artificial coloring has no use inside your body. It’s just an add-on to make the powder more appealing.

>Decent calorie content

So you gulped down that sumptuous glass of protein shake when you remember to check the tub’s label. To your surprise, it’s reeking with calories.

Depending on your needed diet, you should keep an eye on the calorie content of the whey isolate you’re purchasing. Unlike unflavored ones, flavored powders can bring in more calories.

>Clean formula

This is a gold standard among bodybuilders and people who want to gain mass. Always choose a clean formula with minimal fillers, zero artificial preservatives, zero GMOs, zero soy, and no artificial coloring or flavors.

A clean formula will ensure that absorption is at its top level. Aside from that, clean whey isolates will save you from unnecessary side effects.

>High protein level

How much protein do you need? Above all the things that you should check, you should look at the protein content of your isolate. It can range from 20 to 30 grams regardless if it’s a vegan vanilla protein powder or not.

It’s important that you understand the amount of protein you need and how you should take it. If not, you’ll be exposed to the risk of kidney problems.

Top 3 Flavored Whey Isolates

If you’re looking for the best whey isolates, don’t miss these three flavorful options that we’ve reviewed:

Dymatize ISO Orange Dreamsicle Whey Isolate

vanilla plant based protein powderDymatize is one of the best-selling whey isolates in the market. It’s known for its clean formula, excellent protein levels and a wide range of flavor options.

With the Dymatize ISO, you can enjoy their delicious Dreamsicle flavor. They also have other flavor options including Birthday Cake, Natural Vanilla, Smooth Banana, Strawberry, Fudge Brownie, and more.

Also, each serving of this flavorful isolate has 25 grams of protein, 5.5 grams of BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids), and 2.7 grams of the much-needed Leucine. Overall, this contains less than one gram of fat and sugar which is great for those who are looking for a wholesome formula.

Good news too, because Dymatize is lactose and gluten-free. This isolate is best even for people who are experiencing strong intolerances.

Bodybuilders and gym studios have trusted Dymatize over the years. True enough, this 100% pure whey isolate is proof of their unwavering quality.

The best thing about this whey isolate is it’s considerably affordable than its competitor brands. Each pound of the Dymatize ISO costs around $16. It’s a big saver for a formula that’s giant in nutritional value.


✔️25 grams of protein content

✔️5.5 grams of BCAAs

✔️Lactose and gluten-free

✔️Very low in fat



❌Contains a strong smell

❌A shaker or mixer is needed


Primeval Labs Caramel Latte Isolit

vanilla plant based protein powderAre you more of a caramel person? If so, you’ll definitely enjoy each scoop of the Primeval Labs Caramel Latte Isolit. It’s also available in flavors like Coco Mint Chip, Orange Creamsicle, Chocolate Milk, and Diner Vanilla.

Every serving of the Primeval Labs Isolit contains 25 grams of high-quality protein and other important minerals. This helps prevent muscle break down before and after your workout session. It’s also a good choice for those packing up with lean muscles.

Each tub of this whey isolate contains 30 delicious servings. For its price, this is already a wise buy. Just take note that since Primeval Labs Isolit contains corn syrup solids, it might trigger allergic reactions to some users.

Also, this powder underwent triple-filtered processing instead of the usual micro-filtering. With this, the protein is much more bioavailable and fast to absorb.

Also, each scoop of this whey isolate has 135 calories. That’s 20 calories more than the Dymatize ISO. This wouldn’t be a big issue if your diet isn’t very calorie-restricted

Overall, the Primeval Labs Isolit mixes well with milk and water. You can also use this on various meals and desserts.


✔️Palatable taste

✔️Mixes well with milk and water

✔️Triple filtered for best absorption

✔️Available in other tasty flavors



❌A bit high on calories

❌Some buyers complain of the taste being too sweet

Man Sports ISO-Protein Whey Isolate

vanilla plant based protein powderAre you tired of the usual choco and vanilla flavors? If that’s the case, you should try the Man Sports ISO Whey Isolate. It comes in a Blueberry Muffin flavor as well as Vanilla Ice Cream and Peanut Butter Bits version.

Each scoop of this mouth-watering whey isolate has 25 grams of protein just like the first two from Dymatize and Primeval Labs. Man Sports ISO is low in carbs and has no sugar and fat content.

This isolate is great as a post-workout regimen due to its fast absorption rate. It mixes well on water so you can gulp it down right after your intense routines. Make sure that you consume one scoop within 30 minutes after your workout to achieve the best results.

Feel free to spread the serving throughout the day if you’re not scheduled for a workout routine. This whey isolate tastes great on shakes and pastries. It also smells amazing which is an added perk for finicky buyers.

And although this has a great taste, it only gives you 110 calories per serving. It’s a champ formula for everyone.


✔️Accurate flavor

✔️No fat content

✔️Perfect for pastries and shakes

✔️Fast absorbing



❌A little grainy

❌Uses sucralose



Product Name: Dymatize ISO Orange Dreamsicle Whey Isolate

Product Description: Dymatize is one of the known brands in the body-building industry. The Dymatize ISO is a blend of quality protein and impressive palatability. It's also packed with BCAAs and Leucine. With such an impressive nutritional formula, this whey isolate is surprisingly affordable than most of its competitors.

Price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Formula Quality
  • Palatability
  • Protein Quality
  • Mixability


Bodybuilders and gym studios have trusted Dymatize over the years. True enough, this 100% pure whey isolate is proof of their unwavering quality.


-High protein content

-Very clean formula

-Lactose and gluten-free

-Affordable and lots of flavor options


-Contains a strong smell

-A shaker or mixer is needed

From vanilla plant based protein powder to citrusy flavors, you can always find the whey isolate that you like. However, you have to remember that taste is just one of the things you should consider. Above all, quality protein and clean formula beat any flavor that you can find.

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