3 Best Whey Powders for Elderly & Seniors with a High Protein Diet

High protein for elderly people is seen to delay the onset of muscle loss. It also helps ignite the metabolism of older adults to lose excess weight.

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One common question we receive is whether whey protein and high protein intake are safe for seniors. The answer is both yes and no.

Generally, older adults will benefit from increased uptake of protein as it keeps their muscles, bones, and weight in check. But for those with lingering health conditions, it’s a whole different story.

NOTE: We are not doctors. So if you have a lingering condition, it’s best to seek the advice of your attending physician before integrating a whey powder to your diet.

Why seniors need more protein

One of the most common conditions among the elderly and seniors is Sarcopenia or muscle loss. Our metabolism starts to take a slow run by the time we hit 40. It will dwindle by as much as 5% per decade.

This is the same reason why older adults find it hard to lose weight even with a proven program for a younger person. As fats take over and we reduce our physical activities due to old age, we also lose muscles.

When Sarcopenia takes over our bodies, we will experience a limited range of motion, frequent injuries, aches, and other secondary health conditions. Even simple activities like climbing a flight of stairs will prove to be strenuous.

However, in a recent study by McMaster University, adding a whey-based drink on the diet of men over 70 years old can actually boost their strength and prevent the occurrence of Sarcopenia.

The study found that although the protein alone didn’t prevent muscle loss, it’s a key player in rebuilding the muscles of the participants upon adopting a new physical routine. So if paired with exercise, seniors and elderlies can actually prevent the occurrence of the dreaded Sarcopenia.

Among other protein sources, whey is the most preferred since it has a complete amino acid profile.

Here, Dr. Jurgen Bauer discusses how much protein you should take as you grow older:

Exercise and diet of seniors

It’s important to note here that whey powders and high protein for elderly diet aren’t the only solutions for Sarcopenia. Moreover, the researchers have stressed that for the protein to start building muscles, the senior individuals have to stay active.

This makes perfect sense if we are to dive into the science of muscle growth. When we workout, our muscles sustain minor tears. During the resting phase, our body will rebuild these tears which will also thicken and more muscle fibers will be added.

So if the tears won’t take place, rebuilding and formation of new muscle fibers won’t happen as well. Even if the elderly took whey powders daily, it will only go as far as improving their lean tissue mass.

Still, experts recommend whey drinks to older seniors who are immobile and doesn’t have to ability to increase their physical activity. As much as the effects wouldn’t be as high as pairing it with exercise, it still brings in some benefits.

We also like to emphasize here that aside from exercising, the elderlies should also keep an eye on what they eat. Because aside from muscle loss, bone thinning is another condition that may occur at an advanced age.

But what does protein has to do with it? Experts warned that too much protein may also flush the calcium from your body. But if taken properly, the protein may actually improve intestinal absorption of calcium.

What seniors have to be careful about

Too much of anything is bad. So even with high protein for elderly, chomping on scoopfuls of whey powders isn’t an ideal move. It’s always best to match their protein uptake on their actual needs and how much protein they ingest through food.

Before you take protein shakes in lieu of meals, you should ask the opinion of a nutritionist or your attending physician. Although the likes of whey are rich in satiating protein, it’s scarce in vitamins, minerals, and enough carbs to sustain your body’s energy needs.

It’s important to remember that each senior individual will have unique nutritional requirements. Moreover, at an advanced age, it’s not safe to experiment supplements if you’re not sure what its effects will be.

And just like any substance, whey proteins can also have interactions with some medications. For example, you’re not supposed to take whey protein if you’re under the Levodopa or L-dopa medication. L-dopa is usually used as a medication for the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Whey protein may reduce the absorption level of this drug.

You should also ask the opinion of your doctor if you’re prescribed with antibiotics and currently taking whey protein supplements.

How whey isolates can help

Dr. Kirsten Bell (the anthropologist, not the actress) said that as we age, our muscles become less responsive to dietary protein. With this, we need to consume more if we want to trigger muscle growth.

Still, it’s not just about downing scoops of whey powders. The elders need to take into account the amount of protein present in their food aside from what they’ll get from whey powders.

Bell said that a 30-gram to 40-gram serving is ideal for seniors, especially if taken in small amounts all throughout the day. For seniors with poor appetite, it will be challenging to take that amount of protein in food alone. With this, a whey isolate becomes an indispensable substitute.

Whey isolates are micro-filtered to produce high protein content in every scoop. Also, it’s stripped of most non-protein substances like lactose, carbs, fat, and cholesterol.

The only challenge with whey is that some seniors may have allergic reactions, especially to formulas infused with traces of soy and lactose.

Benefits of whey isolate to seniors

Aside from rebuilding muscles and managing weight, whey isolates actually bring more benefits.

According to a study of the University of Aberdeen, a modified whey protein has the ability to trigger the release of the GLP-1 hormone. When taken, it can reduce the rise of blood sugar which will help seniors improve their insulin sensitivity.

Also, high protein for elderly through a whey protein powder can help seniors recover from injuries fast. The amino acids in the protein can help rebuild tissues and strengthen tendons and ligaments. Still, it should be in line with a doctor’s prescription.

Whey protein also provides a compounding effect to moderate exercise. So aside from increasing physical activity, the effects of exercise can be improved with a higher protein uptake.

Top 3 whey isolates for seniors

Here are our three picks for a whey protein that will help seniors achieve better health.

Dymatize Elite Whey Protein Powder

high protein for elderlyThe Dymatize Elite Whey Isolate has a clean formula that will suit seniors with strict diets. Also, each serving of this whey isolate contains 25 grams of pure protein, 5.5 grams of added BCAAs, and 2.7 grams of L-Leucine that helps activate muscle growth.

As an all-purpose protein powder, seniors and elderlies can use this on their meals, after their exercise routine, or as a snack. Also, Dymatize claims this formula to be an ‘anytime protein’.

For finicky elders, the Dymatize whey isolate is available in 10 different flavors that can be blended on their shakes and snacks. It’s not too sweet and each tub will last for two months or more.

Aside from building muscles, this is also ideal for weight management with only 140 calories per serving.

It may not mix as great as hydrolyzed isolates, but it’s just a small issue for the high-quality formula you’ll get. Besides, if you have a shaker bottle or a blender, there shouldn’t be a problem.

For seniors who are into the keto diet, the Dymatize isolate can be a substitute for breakfast if they are busy in the morning. Just watch out, though, because it has traces of soy that might trigger allergies for some.

In addition, this whey isolate isn’t amino spiked. Rest assured that you’re getting pure protein from whey.


✔️Can be taken at any time of the day

✔️Supports muscle protein synthesis

✔️Not amino spiked




❌Contains soy

❌The cookies & cream flavor doesn’t taste so well


Isopure Zero Carb Protein Powder

high protein for elderlyFor seniors who want to cook with their whey protein, the Isopure Zero Carb Whey Isolate is the better choice. This s unflavored which makes it a versatile choice for desserts and savory meals. Also, each serving contains 25 grams of protein, perfect for high protein diet elderly.

This Isopure powder only has two ingredients: pure whey isolate and a dash of soy lecithin to make it palatable. Those with soy allergies may want to look for another whey option in this case. Still, the consolation here is that the powder is lactose and gluten-free, perfect for those with intolerances.

For elderlies who are trying to shed some weight, this whey protein will be the perfect diet partner since it contains zero carbohydrates and only packs up 110 calories in your body. It’s also sugar and fat-free to suit just about any restrictive diet.

This whey powder is available in 1-pound pouches but if you want to save some bucks, it’s best to invest in the 3-pound tub.

Like the Dymatize whey isolate, this is keto-friendly and elderly users can take this at any time of the day.

The added vitamins and minerals will sustain your overall wellness aside from providing a higher protein uptake. In fact, the Isopure Zero Carb Whey Isolate is formulated to suit the needs of our muscles as we age.


✔️Unflavored and can be mixed on savory meals

✔️Zero carbs

✔️Two ingredients only, not amino spiked

✔️Keto and Atkins-friendly



❌Contains soy




Product Name:  Opportuniteas Grass Fed Whey Isolate

Product Description: For those looking for an organic choice, the Opportuniteas Grass Fed Whey Isolate is unbeatable. It’s sourced from free-range cows and contains only two ingredients: pure whey isolate and sunflower lecithin. This is the perfect choice for seniors who have an allergy to soy but are into high protein diet elderly plan.It’s also gluten and GMO-free. And since the powder is pasteurized only once, its amino acid profile is at its best form. Also, it contains a neutral flavor that makes it a perfect addition to your meals, snacks, and shakes.

Price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Formula Quality
  • Palatability
  • Protein Quality
  • Mixability


Every serving of the Opportuniteas whey isolate contains 27 grams of protein, 1 gram of carb, 114 calories, and 0 fat. For elderlies who need a higher protein uptake, this powder is advisable without any frills.

If you’re not satisfied with the product, you just have let Opportuniteas know and they will give your money back, no questions asked.

And since the brand is dedicated to producing real foods, this whey isolate is free of any artificial ingredients. For seniors who are into the Paleo diet, this protein isolate should be in their shopping list.

The only gripe we have here is that it’s a bit difficult to mix without a shaker bottle or a blender. Anyway, it’s just a small issue that we can live with.


-No soy, gluten, lactose, and GMO

-Grass-fed whey


-Paleo, keto, and Atkins-friendly


-Difficult to dissolve without a blender or shaker

-A bit bitter when mixed with water alone


Seniors and elderlies will benefit from higher protein intake. Still, it should be in line with their doctor’s recommendation. Any diet change should have the nod of a medical expert, especially for those with underlying conditions.

We recognize that each older adult will have unique nutritional requirements. Also, take our advice as a general guide to adopting a whey isolate to your diet.

Most of all, remember that whey isolates aren’t made equal. Each product will vary in protein level, ingredients, and quality. So before purchasing any powder, take your time to read the label.

High protein for elderly is helpful only if it suits their diet and physical condition. Above all, seniors should always take into account the medications they are taking before considering any whey isolate product.

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